It is the will to prepare to win that is important.


It is the will to prepare to win that is important.


Avery – Organic Farmer

Organic farming is my thing ~ I grew up on a farm! So when asked by one of the largest business execs in the nation to establish an organic farm for all his employees, I said..”Of course! I KNOW how to build the most productive organic farm ever!” Screeching stop!  There was something I didn’t know, as I soon learned… ~ How to deal with a corporate hierarchy. So not fair!! I was in my element and yet, out of my league in other ways! It was Crazy Making 101, until one conversation with Margaret led me to a plan. I had to build a different kind of confidence about who I was and what I could do as well as a strategy for how to work within a BIG system. I followed our strategy and *BAM *! The skills to know how to work through and within a corporate organization made the difference between success and my throwing up my hands and walking away. Our strategy has helped me in multiple other settings as well!

Becky – Screenwriter

Retiring after 27 years of law practice, I was content and fulfilled with my life. Well, so I thought. One day, out of the blue, I was struck with an amazing desire. I wanted to write a screenplay. So, I did. They say, “write what you know.” So, I did. My story is not a true story but it is, in part, a composite of my experiences as a lawyer. Writing it was challenging, rewarding, sometimes tedious and mostly fun. Margaret was one of the first I trusted to read my completed script. She jumped in with enthusiasm~ offering support, critique and encouragement. She is a master “brainstormer.”  During the rewrites and its initial promotion, Margaret provided valuable feedback and an occasional kick in the pants to pull me out of the doldrums. She helped me formulate a strategy for the future of my script and challenged me to maintain momentum through the process.

Bryn – Opera Singer

I knew I was talented. I knew I could achieve my dream. But I was stuck. I was afraid to abandon my stable life in order to chase a dream, a really BIG dream …. a Metropolitan Opera size dream! I met with Margaret thinking just one visit would be enough to convince me I was foolish for thinking I could navigate through the maze of obstacles to achieve my dream of a career of singing at the Met. It turned out quite the opposite. She walked me through a series of questions that lead me to my own breakthrough. I could do this by surrounding myself with the right team and think more about my GENIUS and listen less to voices of discouragement. I became very creative and confident.  I continue to work with her through the process of achieving my dream. At my age, I am incredibly blessed to have made the call to connect with a strategic thinker like Margaret!

Kurt – Inspirational Speaker

I have known for years I had a calling to speak with men about our struggle to place God at the center of our careers and our homes. But I couldn’t get my confidence up enough to move forward. I made a critical decision to work with Margaret and find out ‘who’ I really was. It was a bit daunting to realize you are “fearful” – afraid to face what is ahead, good or bad! Working with Margaret I came to grips with my fears, and there were many…but the dream to do something significant, make a difference, to tell my story and help others overrode the little boy in me that was afraid I had nothing to offer. Therapy? Coaching? Consulting? I don’t care what you call ‘it’, those conversations with Margaret opened up the possibilities and the future that today allows me to make a difference for me and many others!

Antonio – Entrepreneur

I’ve had many ideas, some good, some not so good, but when I got an idea for something that was definitely an industry disruptor, I started talking to people to see where to go next. I had worked with Margaret in my past careers and knew of her successes with startups and entrepreneurs. I called her and shared my dream. The partnership that ensued led to a firestorm of successes! Because “idea people” like me are so often selling multiple ideas, I had to establish trust with people that THIS idea was THE idea.  I faced many “not interested” responses along the way. In the face of those “no’s”, Margaret helped me stay tenacious and resilient. Her guidance enabled me to realign and creatively pivot, resulting in a successful launch and a rapid growth that no one anticipated. I will never forget her telling me to warn the newly formed IT department to ‘be ready’ for massive growth. As expected, they laughed! Well, the last laugh was…..on them!

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